Tents For Rent in San Bernardino Area

Have an outdoor party planned?

We have the solution for you!

Are you having an outdoor party? Do you need a way to protect your guests from the sun and possible rain?

You can rent tents in 3 different sizes! You can fully customize the tents once we confirm your order. Your options are:

  • Select a solid wall
  • You can select a wall with windows
  • You can select to have a totally open side or with a door
  • You can now order with lighting!
We have three different sized tents to choose from!

The available sizes:

Large Tent (20′ x 40′)Rent!
Medium Tent (20′ x 30′)Rent!
Small Tent (20′ x 20′)Rent!

Remember, all of our tents include FREE delivery, setup and breakdown!

How many tables can I fit in a tent?

Below you can find a table with approximate numbers of tables and chairs (guests) that you can accommodate per tent size. It is extremely important to remember that there are many factors that can either increase or decrease these approximate numbers.

Factors include whether you are using rectangular or circular tables (circular tables require more space), how you want your tables set up, if there is additional free space around the tent and if you are using walls or not.

Tent size6′ Rectangular
Chairs60″ Circular
20′ x 20′648432
20′ x 30′972756
20′ x 40′12961080

Additional Frequently Asked Questions

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